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Reeves Amusement Rides Ltd
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Reeves Amusement Rides Ltd

Reeves Amusement Rides Ltd

Reeves Amusement Rides Ltd

We are a leader in the design and manufacture of amusement ride solutions for the amusement and theme park industries as well as international manufacturing organisations.

We have an enviable and proven track record of providing innovative, cost-effective solutions that meet the many regulatory requirements of our industry here in the UK and a reputation of servicing many international organizations.

As experienced ride manufacturers we have contributed to the design and manufacture of some of the safest most enthralling amusement park rides imaginable.

We deliver these imaginative solutions designed to meet the highest quality standards and to the most stringent safety requirements ensuring peace of mind and the joy and confidence of your customers. Without losing sight of who those key customers are — children of all ages and "the young at heart".

Our experienced team of designers, fabricators and on-site installers are ready 24/7, 365 to ensure continuity of service and a speedy response to all your needs.

The current production of attractions ranging from children's attractions to those for the family up to the most spectacular rides for adults. The range includes more than one hundred kinds of attractions, diverse in structure, size, movements, parties, accessories and decorative items.

All models are suitable for both external and parks to shopping centres, most of them can be provided in mobile models for the travelling show, with tailor-made solutions that enable rapid assembly and disassembly.

Each attraction can be "personalised", according to the needs of the client, with the choice of decorations, lighting, and written numerous additional elements. The final product is then high-quality, reliable and safe in all respects, and these features, combined with the services offered, make the rides an investment that appreciates over time.

Our Vision:

To be recognised internationally as a leading provider of amusement rides and of themed services, whilst at the same time providing first class factory services to international business.

Our Values:
  • To provide inherently safe, innovative, quality solutions
  • Constantly researching new technologies
  • Continued commitment to training and the development of our employees
  • Maintain our reputation for delivering quality, cost effective solutions
  • Comply with stringent health and safety regulations
  • Wherever possible to provide a complete range of appropriately skilled engineers to meet our customers’ requirements

Reeves Amusement Rides Ltd is committed to designing, manufacturing and installing the most creative and innovative solutions possible for our clients. We always put quality, reliability and the safety of our clients at the forefront of everything we do.

Reeves Amusement Rides Ltd
Reeves Amusement Rides Ltd